Next scheduled trips

May 22, 2017

Buenos Aires - Mexico

We are going to Mexico and have space available to take your pets. You may contact us with any inquiries at: / FB/AnimalCargo (inbox) / Tel: +541143841066 / Cel: +5491151146572 (whatsapp)

May 25, 2017

Mexico - Buenos Aires

We are traveling to Buenos Aires out of Mexico City and have availability to move your pets. Please, feel free to contact us at: or our Facebook: FB/AnimalCargo / Phone: +54.11.4384.1066 / +54.911.5114.6572 (whatsapp)

May 26, 2017

Buenos Aires - Lima

We will be at Lima again next week to transport your pets! Remember our email: and mail and our phones numbers +541143841066 and +5491151146572. Also, you can contact us via Facebook: Animal Cargo!

May 28, 2017

Buenos Aires - Europe

We are going to Europe. There is still room for one more pet. Feel free to contact us with any concerns at: / FB/AnimalCargo (inbox) / Phone: +54.11.4384.1066 / +54.911.5114.6572 (whatsapp)

May 28, 2017

Buenos Aires - Bogotá

We go back to #Bogotá! You can contact to us by email and, by phone +541143841066 and +5491151146572 or by our pages or

May 29, 2017

Bogotá - Europa

We have a route from Bogotá to Europe every month too!!! You can contact us for more information by,, phones +541143841066 y +5491151146572 or Facebook

May 30, 2017

Buenos Aires - Miami

We are going to Miami!! There is still room available for your pets! You may contact us for inquiries at: or our Facebook: FB/AnimalCargo / Phone: +54.11.4384.1066 / +54.911.5114.6572 (whatsapp)

Jun 01, 2017

Buenos Aires - Santiago de Chile

We go to #SantiagoDeChile!!! As you know, you can contact to us by email: and or by phone +541143841066 and +5491151146572. Also you can find us in Facebook Animal Cargo (inbox)

Jul 04, 2017

Bogotá - Buenos Aires

We will come back from #Bogotá to #BuenosAires and we can carry your pet with us!!! You can contact us by Email: or, Phones: +541143841066 or +5491151146572, and Facebook (inbox): Animal Cargo