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Apr 30, 2020
Buenos Aires - Argentina y el mundo
We are at an extraordinary moment in world history due to COVID-19. Like most institutions and companies around the world, Animal Cargo SA is attentive to all the information that different organizations are publicing, regarding the measures that have been adopting to control the contagion and about the consequences of this virus in our lives this year. We will not be able to offer our international transfer services for some time, but we know that we have previously assumed commitments and as soon as possible we will fulfill them, as we have done over 18 years of work. Within Argentina we are making a great effort to reach some provinces by land and bring their pets closer. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions by the usual means: Cellular and Whatsapp +5491151146572 or +5491151790001 Email: info@animalcargo.com And you can also contact us on Facebook or Instagram ... We are constantly attentive. Thank you very much for the trust you show in our job every day!
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Many Thanks , You are the best thank you for my Sangetsu Maru from Argentina to Bavaria, my dog has mastered the giant trip around the world so super good! Here, the trust has paid off !! My dogs from A to B only with Animal Cargo. 100%

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