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Dec 14, 2017
Buenos Aires - Orlando
This is one of the few trips we make to #Orlando !!! They can take advantage of moving your pets with us on this occasion. Our contacts are: info@animalcargo.com or animalcargo@live.com, our phones: +541143841066 and +5491151146572, or Facebook (inbox): https://www.facebook.com/animalcargo/
Dec 14, 2017
Spain - South America
We are traveling from Europa to México, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador and we can bring your pets to all of that destinations. If you want contact us to know our services, please write to info@animalcargo.com or animalcargo@live.com, call to +541143841066 or +5491151146572.
Dec 14, 2017
España - Argentina
We will be back in Europe and we can bring pets to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile! To contact us you can use the following ways: info@animalcargo.com and animalcargo@live.com, phone: +541143841066 +5491151146572 and, our pages: https://www.facebook.com/animalcargo/?fref=ts (inbox) and www.animalcargo.com
Dec 17, 2017
Buenos Aires - Miami
We are going to Miami!! There is still room available for your pets! You may contact us for inquiries at: info@animalcargo.com or our Facebook: FB/AnimalCargo / Phone: +54.11.4384.1066 / +54.911.5114.6572 (whatsapp)
Dec 20, 2017
Miami - Buenos Aires
We are travelling from Miami to Buenos Aires. There is still room for your pets. Feel free to contact us with any concerns at: info@animalcargo.com or our Facebook: FB/AnimalCargo / Phone: +54.11.4384.1066 / +54.911.5114.6572 (whatsapp)
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Many Thanks , You are the best thank you for my Sangetsu Maru from Argentina to Bavaria, my dog has mastered the giant trip around the world so super good! Here, the trust has paid off !! My dogs from A to B only with Animal Cargo. 100%

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